Moderna/Novavax Vaccination

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking an appointment with us

To book a Moderna / Novavax appointment with us, please do the following


no covid symptoms

please advise the staff if you are currently ill or have any covid symptoms  


Check Eligibility

Check you are eligible by clicking the link below


Read Both

  1. Information on the Astrazeneca vaccination
  2. What you should look out for after vaccination

Consent Form

Download, print and sign the consent form.  You will need to bring this with you to your vaccination appointment

New Patients 

 You will be advised to bring:

  • A health summary from your regular GP
  • A new patient form.  Please print this off, fill it in and bring with you to the appointment

On the day of your appointment please:

  • Bring Medicare card
  • Bring ID (driver’s licence, passport, etc)
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing

To get a copy of your vaccination records, follow these instructions